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Product List
Product List

We carry several kinds of Japanese traditional costumes and interior acceessories other than the followings. Pleasse feel free to inquire

As soon as the present stock has run out

Full dress, Kariginu, Saifuku, Joue, Accessories, Others

Omotegi, Mononogu, Others


Chihaya, HIbakama, Urayasu-mai, Others

Pike, Shield, Flag, Arrow, Others


Sokutai, Ikan, Suikan, Kariginu, Hitatare, Others

Jyunihitoe, Uchiki, Shirabyoushi, Others


Other period, Gyouji

Bugaku (kind of dance) Costume, Accessories


Kicho, Kyousoku, Sanpou, Misu Shimenawa, Toudai, Others

Monou, Tousenkyo, Others

Custome-made costume, Custome-made Kicho


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