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εέ (Uchiki)
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Welcome to Yusoku.com.

-What isYUSOKU?-

Thank you for visiting Yusoku.com.
YUSOKU is a format, knowledge or study of class, architecture, furnishing, costume, meals and banquet.


  • Yusoku.com turns over the following items;
    Costumes for Shinto Priest: Kariginu, Kanmuri, Eboshi...
    Costumes for Miko(female attendant): Chihaya, Hibakama...
    Historical Costumes: Ikan, Sokutai, Jyunihitoe...
    Interior Accessories: Kicho, Kyousoku...
    See Lineup page for details.

What's new

  •    2013/07/04-/07:Exhibit at Japan Expo Paris 2013.
  •    2008/06/16:Special Offer & Furnishing Goods was updated.
  •    2006/11/01: Yusoku.com was reopened.
Yusoku.com is operated by Relico Japan, e-commerce department of Saito Senshoten, Kyoto, Japan.

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